How A Mi Manera touched the hearts of its clients

“Mr. Antonio Bigai Good morning, I have received your letter with your beautiful labels, each one of them are detailed for its specificity, I found it very interesting the idea of ​​the Brand displayed prominently on the label, great and original idea that will surely have great success in this environment. ”

sig. Greguoldo Renzo
It is an encounter that leaves its mark with Toni Bigai, talented and passionate winemaker and oenologist who leads his small company of about 7 hectares in the heart of Lison Pramaggiore. Toni possesses the gift of irony, an excellent culture – not just technical – and the passion for theater. In conversation he mixes these talents with skill, communicating the sense of “making wine” as a skilled craftsman, according to a precise project that he has in mind. In the first place there is the territory with typical varieties like Tai, Istrian Malvasia, Franconia no doubt he prefers, but there is no lack of (very successful) experiments with international varieties such as Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir. Each wine has a very strong personality and each detail, from the organoleptic qualities to the graphics of the labels, expresses with originality the territory and its interpreter. And the ‘Lison Pramaggiore that you do not expect is the Malvasia, no doubt, is no exception: now not widely distributed in the territory, was valued by Toni’s father as early as 1956, planting a vineyard on the clayey soils characteristic of the Lison. Toni continues to produce it on the sure traces of the paternal tradition and the result is a very expressive wine that communicates authenticity: straw yellow with greenish reflections, it has an intense nose of wild flowers and elderberry, yellow plum pulp, thyme and in the background brackish memories . Excellent gustative consistency in the full and juicy sip, where the olfactory notes return reinvigorated and clean, reinforced by a decisive sapid progression and a fresh finish. It is a tasty wine, where the pleasantness of the drink is almost material and tactile. To be combined with satisfaction with risotto and sea fish, in particular fried food. Perfect with fried soft shell crabs, a traditional Venetian dish.
MALVASIA 2014 A Mi Manera – Veneto Igt